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Construction Sand Aggregates

Washed Concrete Sand
Washed Plaster Sand
Dry Plaster Sand
Dry Screened Sand
Fill Sand
Fill Material
Volleyball Court Sand
Screened Dirt
Import Sand
Import Fill
SE 30 Sand
SR 50 Sand
#20 Sand
#30 Sand
Horse Arena Sand
Equestrian Sand
Playground Sand
Gas Sand
Decomposed Granite
Bank Sand
Industrial Silver Sand
#16 Sand
Golf Sand
Rock Dust

Sand Materials

The Western Materials founding members have had a rich and long history in the sand and gravel mining industry. We have been a leading provider of sand and gravel to the Southern California market for over two decades. With our mining partners and network we are able to provide all types of quality and to spec sand, gravel, crushed rock, base, rip rap, and cobbles that our clients need across Southern California for any construction application.

Top-tier sand stands as a testament to its superior quality. With a consistently fine and pleasing texture, it exhibits a natural color palette that echoes the beauty of American landscapes.

Sieve Analysis (ASTM C-136)
Sand Equivalent (CTM – 217)
Cleanness Value (Caltest 227)
Gravity (ASTM C-127/C-128)
Mortar Strength (Caltest 515)
R-Value (CTM 301F)
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Sand & Gravel
Cobbles, Rip Rap, &Boulders
Baseball Infield Mix/Red Clay
Decomposed Granite (DG)