Our journey from inception to industry leadership

40 Years of Pioneering Sand & Gravel Expertise, Transforming Landscapes with Distinction.

During the last 40 years the Western Materials management and founders have produced and supplied high quality sand and gravel to contractors & aggregate users across California.

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Who We Are?

For over 40 years our management team has been producing and supplying sand and gravel to contractors & aggregate users in Southern California. This deep industry experience is a vital asset, delivering intrinsic value to you, our clients. Since its inception almost two decades ago, Western Materials has been supplying not only the best and highest construction materials but also all types of landscape soils, sport field materials, and to all locations within Southern California.

We strive to deliver the highest customer satisfaction at every step from start to finish. The delivery of the right spec materials in a timely and professional manner is one of the most critical factors why clients choose us and keep on coming back.


Construction Contractor Focused

For almost two decades Western Materials has been serving large and small contractors across the greater Los Angeles metro with the highest quality construction materials and other construction products at competitive prices. Our focus has been to provide excellent customer service from start to finish to contractors that demand a high level of attention and care. Whether its having friendly personnel and/or seasoned professionals on and off the field. We also offer our contractors that need disadvantage and/or minority supplier certification to meet local, state and federal government requirements for certain jobs.

These certifications that our contractors can use include but not limited to: minority business enterprise (MBE), woman minority business enterprise (WMBE) and small business (SB). Contractors can depend on Western Materials delivering the right materials, with the right experience, with the appropriate certifications/licenses at the right time that leave contractors satisfied.


The values that drive our work


Our mission is to earn your loyalty and exceed your expectations for your all construction building material needs. As our customer you are not only our valued client, but also our valued partner whose happiness is most important.


With over 50 years of mining experience, our founding members along with a our highly trained and professional team can manage all aspects of your needs to your satisfaction.


We see you our client as invited guests to our home, and we are the hosts. Its our job every day to make every aspect of the your experience better.


We hold all the required licenses, permits, training, and insurances clients expect and require to protect your interests. Our entire staff and management are highly-trained with vast deep industry experience.

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