San Francisco

San Francisco and the Bay Area. Western Materials takes pride in serving the heart of California with our exceptional sand and gravel materials.

We are thrilled to offer our top quality products to all corners of the Bay Area from the streets of San Francisco, to the tech hubs of San Jose as well as the diverse communities in the East and North Bays.

San Francisco

San Francisco; Known as "The City by the Bay " this renowned tourist destination is not a hub for tourism but also a bustling economy and a melting pot of cultures.

Notable Attractions

The Golden Gate Bridge; A symbol that represents San Franciscos beauty. You can find information about it on Alcatraz Island; An prison island with a fascinating history. Explore more at .


University of San Francisco (USF); A Jesuit university known for its excellence. Learn more at

Economy & Corporations

Salesforce; A leader in CRM software contributing significantly to San Franciscos landscape. Discover more about them at .

San Jose

As the capital of Silicon Valley San Jose serves as a nexus for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Notable Attractions

The Tech Interactive; An engaging science and technology center for families to explore. Find out more at .


San Jose State University; A prominent public university located in an area. Discover their offerings at .

Tech Corporations

Adobe Systems; A software company that plays a role, in the tech industry.

The East Bay of San Francisco

A vibrant region known for its culture recreational opportunities and esteemed academic institutions.

Notable Places of Interest

Mount Diablo State Park; This park offers views of the Bay Area. You can find information at


University of California Berkeley; One of the public research universities, in the area. Check out their website at


Chevron Corporation; A energy company with its headquarters located in the East Bay region. Visit their website at

North Bay San Francisco

A tranquil region renowned for its vineyards thriving arts scene and charming coastal towns.

Key Attractions

Point Reyes National Seashore; A stretch of protected coastline offering beauty and tranquility. Learn more about it at


BioMarin Pharmaceutical; A leading biotechnology company specializing in diseases. Find out more about them on their website

Sand & Gravel in San Francisco & Bay Area

In these regions construction is constant. Western Materials provides sand and gravel for purposes including:

1. Construction Jobs; Crucial for development, roadways and infrastructure projects.

2. Businesses; From Silicon Valley startups to wineries, in the North Bay area our high quality materials are relied upon.

3. Public and Private Agencies; Our materials contribute to infrastructure improvements, road maintenance and community projects.

4. Ranches and farms play a role, in establishing pathways, effective drainage systems and necessary agricultural infrastructure.

5. Whether you're a homeowner looking to undertake backyard projects, renovations or new constructions Western Materials is the preferred choice.

We take pride in being the trusted supplier of top quality sand and gravel throughout all counties in the Bay Area. Our dedication, to delivering products and providing service sets us apart. Get in touch with us today for all your construction material requirements.